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The St. Louis Square Off Pizza Fest Stage Has Been Set!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

This year's main stage is curated by LoFi St. Louis! They will be offering for your listening pleasure some of the best sounds coming out of our local music scene. It's an eclectic lineup with something for everyone, so bring your lawn chair and no cares! It all starts at the main stage at 11:45am. Whether you have tickets to Group A-B or C, you can join us as early as you wish and stay as long as you'd like to! Tickets are required, tho. the ticket time only represents when your group's pizza will be hot and ready for you to devour.

Presenting the 2019 St. Louis Square Off Drury Inn Main Stage, curated by LoFi with a little help from our friends at Earthbound Beer:

Bagheera - 11:45a

Bringing together female/male vocal harmonies with layers of guitar melodies, Bagheera creates awesome rock songs about love, space/time travel and the promise and fear of scientific endeavor.

Soufside - 12:45p

Artists such as Curren$y, Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole and many more, have inspired Jerei to start his own thing. He believes staying true to yourself is the only way you'll truly succeed in life. In 2016, shortly after moving back to St. Louis, Jerei met Mateyo. The two linked up to further the brand, focusing on creating a comfortable lane for themselves. They began to releases singles throughout 2017 and early 2018, They made their first stage appearance, as Soufside, in 2018 at Everything's Fly's: Mile High Club. Noticing how positive the crowd reacted to their music and merch, they both were a lot more confident moving forward.

The Soufside brand's mission is to spread genuine love and positive energy through art. Hoping to travel the world, showcasing their music doing just that.

Mother Stutter - 1:45p

Classically trained vocalist, Mother Stutter, performs dark indie art rock with a hauntingly melodramatic stage presence. Their backing band, The Twisted Tongues, is comprised of a mixture of classical elements and indie rock. Through gritty lyrics and a raw sound they create an atmosphere of vulnerability and connection. A queer feminist singer/songwriter exploring themes of grief, asexuality, mental illness, spirituality, and the rituals that coalesce feminine identity.

LSXPRSS - 3:00p

-A band headed by Drew Sheafor and Neil C. Luke from St. Louis, MO.

-LS XPRSS writes originals, records, and performs explosive, live, stream of consciousness musical medleys. We can’t figure out what we love more, live shows or recording.

-LS XPRSS encourages you to keep your hands and feet securely inside the ride at all times.

"LS XPRSS is an atomic collision of two straight geniuses in local St. Louis music. This band marries two magnetic vocalist-songwriters together: Neil C. Luke, multi-instrumentalist, open mic host, whiskey-drinker of Old Souls Revival fame and Drew Sheafor, guitarist, 20th-century rock encyclopedia, and harmonica-at-all-times man. On the Luke Sheafor Express expect only the finest of All-American rock ’n’ roll complete with guitar solos, songs about girls, pop hooks, jangly chords, songs about alcohol, 12-bar blues, and other fun of the like. Sometimes singing in perfect harmony, other times in call-and-responses, Drew and Neil showcase their perfect bond, a rare band chemistry nearly too good to be true. But fortunately for the universe, it is." - Ryne Schleicher

Sister Wizzard - 4:00p

Hailing from the mystical caves of Crystal City, Sister Wizzard brings you spooky-sweet, dream pop tunes and a voice that is dark like tinted glass.

Pono AM - 5:00p

Pono AM is a one-part garage, one-part psych, two-parts pop quartet from St. Louis, Missouri. Catchy vocal melodies, crunchy guitar hooks and pounding percussion round out the group's sonic vision that is simultaneously abrasive and invitingly fun. Releasing their debut EP, Here's Pono AM, just months after forming and playing their first gigs, Pono AM continues to brand themselves through various music videos prepared and shot themselves, as well as ushering in several recurring stage motifs in their live performance, including balloons and matching sweaters. With their as-of-yet untitled full length debut being released in late 2017 and their eyes set on more touring, Pono AM seek to bring their pop-infested Rock and Roll Garage Circus to more listeners throughout the United States and beyond.


6:00p DJ Dance Party!!

Tickets are still on sale, please don't show up to the gate without one!

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