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DB Cooper's Safe House is Bringing Criminally-Delicious Pizza to the St. Louis Square Off!

This pizza and pub in South St. Louis is named after the infamous and mysterious D.B. Cooper. A man who took control of a commercial flight in 1971, extorted 200,000 dollars in ransom money (over 1 million $ worth today), and parachuted into the middle of the desert never to be seen again.

Their "Pepperoni and Bacon" pizza is going to STEAL the show this year. It's a hand rolled crust, topped with house made tomato sauce, covered with locally sourced meats, crisped in a stone oven, and then sprinkled with a secret special blend of cheeses and spices. It's a little thicker than typical local squares, but it is St. Louis pizza through and through!

DB Cooper's doesn't just serve hot pizza, they are the home of the hot (50 cent!) wings, hot oasted ravioli, hot cheese sticks and ... hot bartenders! They're fully stocked with all your favorite spirits and beers that are only 1.25! You can enjoy your libations while watching sports on their big screens, play some ping pong, and arcade games. This place is fast becoming a Southside destination with great food and nothing but good vibes!

Come vote for DB Cooper's on September 22nd at the 3rd Annual St. Louis Square Off on the Hill. Tickets are limited and required, and can be purchased at

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