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Schottzie's Bar And Grill Is Competing In The St. Louis Square Off Pizza Festival!

We are delighted to announce that South-County staple Schottzie's will be bringing their pizza to the festival this year! The Carlson Family has been in business since 1947 so they're bringing the tradition and skill with their "Schottzie's Deluxe."

Their signature pizza is a fully loaded St. Louis-style pizza with pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, black olive, mushroom, green pepper and onion, and covered with a provel cheese that's ground and blended daily and topped with full strips of crispy bacon! You're gonna love it almost as much as hockey star Wayne Gretzky. He loves Schottzie's pizza so much he's had it packed in ice and delivered to him from across the country on occasion.

Schottzie's isn't just known for their pizza, though. They are renowned for their full menu of pub food and sandwiches. Including their famous "brain sandwich". Once a St. Louis staple, it's now only available in a handful of bars and restaurants. Available for the nostalgic or the adventurous, their brains have been featured on Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods of America series!

If you're excited to try out Schottzie's pizza, and slices from our 7 other pizza contestants you should grab your tickets ASAP! Tickets are limited so get yours before they run out! Each ticket comes with a free Schalfly beer or a soft drink too! The festival features live music, a piazza marketplace of local arts and crafts, and a bunch of snack and dessert booths from local restaurants to pair your square with!

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