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The Sliced Pint Brings the Southwest to the Midwest at the St. Louis Square Off!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

The Sliced Pint opened its doors on Washington Avenue in 2017 with a simple concept: to pair the best food with the best beers! With carefully selected ingredients, It's a spot that artfully crafts unique taste combinations, with a focus on local flavors and craft beer. And it's their fresh take on pizza, the innovation shown, that made The Sliced Pint and their "Southwest" pie an easy choice for the Square Off team! This pizza is made with a roasted corn puree sauce, topped with chorizo sausage, chicken, a blend of cheeses, onion and a dusting of coriander. A delicious fusion of the Southwest and the Midwest in every bite!

But their creative pizzas aren't the only thing they're known for. They have a wide selection of sandwiches, and high quality wings, salads, and bar staples. They've also made waves with their giant T-Rav pies, traditional style or build-you-own! Check out this feature on how it's made:

If you'd like to sample The Sliced Pint's "Southwest" pizza, and squares from 7 other best-of pizza makers, get your tickets ASAP! Tickets include a Sclafly beer or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice, a ballot to vote for your favorite pie, an entire day of programmed fun -- games for all ages, live music, a petting zoo and more! Get your tickets here:

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