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Returning Champion Cusanelli's Is Back At The STL Square Off Pizza Festival!

Cusanelli's won the 2018 St. Louis Square Off competition and are coming back to square off once again with 7 other pizza contestants. We are so excited that they are bringing back their experience, traditions, and spirit to the festival!

Cusanelli's has been serving up St. Louis style pizza since 1954, and their recipe has remained unchanged since they began. Every ingredient, every step is done by hand, from memory, and from a tradition passed down verbally for generations! Cusanelli's occupies one of the oldest historic buildings in the region: Old Risch's 8-Mile House. A colonial transit stop that has seen two empires come and go as well as the rise of the United States of America!

Cusanelli's will be competing with their "Cusanelli's Deluxe", a delicious hand made pizza topped with homemade Italian Sausage, Chopped Onions, Bacon, Pepperoni, & Fresh Mushrooms. This will be a hard contestant to beat, just look at what deliciousness they're bringing this year:

If you want to try their slice, and the slices of 7 other pizza makers, and decide who you think makes the best pie in STL get your tickets to the St. Louis Square Off Pizza Festival on the Hill. Tickets are limited and divided by time slot, so make sure you get yours early:

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